Choices & choices. When you dine at Neelams The Grand, it may be hard to decide, but it’s impossible to be disappointed. Match our multi cuisine menu to your mood, then let our chefs and skilful servers do the rest.


Pan Global

Pan Global the International standard world cuisine restaurant is located just across from the lobby on the elevated first floor, accessible both by an elevator and independent entrance. It is an exclusive fine dining a’la carte restaurant that serves fares spanning the entire globe. Chefs have been handpicked to provide the authentic taste and experience from each known gastronomic location.


Tropical Island

A congenial Indian tour for the palate... Tropical Island Restaurant offers excellent culinary standards.. A la carte dishes from gourmet Indian, Goan, Italian, Continental , and Chinese cuisines, or surprisingly sumptuous open buffet. From world cuisine to Goan seafood , you will never forget these incomparable flavours & experiences.



Simple yet elegant surroundings are the hallmark of Neelams The Grand Situated by the swimming pool. Common to all is the relaxed atmosphere, excellent service and remarkable range of cocktails, wines and premium brand beers and spirits.


Live Counter

The Live Counter consists of a spacious poolside dining area for your dining comfort and pleasure. Enjoy refreshments and light dishes, grilled barbeque as well as full course meals that represent both gastronomic worlds: choose from international dishes, or a seasonally Goan dishes.